The dosimeter is a long term measuring device used to test radon.


The dosimeter provides a reading of radon gas concentrations in the indoor air. You don’t need to be an expert to install it. 

Simply order it online and place it in a room where you spend more than 4 hours per day. The testing for radon must last a minium of 91 days. Thereafter, simply send it to the laboratory with the return envelope provided.


What the kit includes:

  • Alpha Track dosimeter sealed in a transparent bag
  • Instructions and data sheet
  • Lab fee
  • Return envelope

How do I install a dosimeter to perform a radon test?

Radon is located at the lowest level of a building: crawl space, basement, first floor. The dosimeter should be installed in a place where a person spends more than 4 hours per day. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, which is why a radon test is important in your living environment.

Measurements should ideally be taken between November and April, where average radon concentrations are higher because the windows remain closed.

Choosing a room to perform the radon test

Health Canada recommends that the device be placed on the lowest level room in the house that is occupied for more than 4 hours per day by a family member.

The preferred locations for the installation of the dosimeter are the living room, bedroom, and playroom. The ideal location is a bedroom on the lower level of the house.

Areas to avoid are the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, closets, crawl space and furnace room.



Start the radon test for your home

Check the expiration date on each dosimeter. Make sure your test will be completed before the stated expiration date, otherwise the test will not be valid.

Open the sealed bag and take out the dosimeter. The moment the bag is opened, the dosimeter is active.

Do not remove the ‘’VOID’’ label or open the black plastic casing.

Write down the device number and postal code on the data sheet.

Write down the start date of the test on the data sheet

Place the dosimeter in the selected room

You must place the dosimeter in the selected room 40 cm (16 inches) from the inside wall and 50 cm (20 inches) from the outside wall.
It must also be on a raised space at least 91 cm (36 inches) from the floor and at most 50 cm (20 inches) from the ceiling.

You may place the dosimeter face up or face down. Make sure the device does not move during the 91-day test.


End of radon test

Record the date of completion of the radon test on the data sheet and place the dosimeter in a resealable plastic bag.

Return the test as soon as possible with the return envelope and resealable bag containing the dosimeter.